Midnight collection

A hand made (MASTERPIECE) collection combining stained glass effects and lighting to create innovative home décor and lighting design. The pieces are easily assembled and disassembled for maintenance and mobility providing flexibility in arrangement and positioning.

The idea was inspired by fractal art which has always interested the artist, so she decided to apply the concept using both traditional and digitals means and place it in a fresh setting. The concept came to her in the middle of the night in a moment of inspiration.
The idea and the artist has since forth received a patent certificate for her creation.

Original Created:2015

Subjects: Midnight.

Materials: Mixed media

Styles: Abstract – design- installation – mosaic technique.

Mediums: stained glass painting – Led – wood – plexiglass – crystal –

Size: 695 W x 165 H x 8 D cm

Patent certificate

After a long history in experimenting with craftmanship, art and design, Paula Abou Jaoude has combined many years of experience and technique to bring forth exciting elements to interior and home decor.

She has received the patent certificate for her innovative ideas in curtain designs, issued by the lebanese ministry of economy and trade #10816/2015

A ceiling light fixture

sayidaty magazine #1828/2016 مجلة سيدتي

Jal el Dib square – Bkeneya Road -Khalil Akl Abou Jaoude bldg -Beirut – Lebanon

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