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Born in 1964 Beirut – Lebanon.

Multidisciplinary artist / designer

Founder of atelier vitro design located in Jal el dib – Beirut – lebanon

“I discovered my passion and affinity for art at the young age of eight years old when I received a prize from “Fabriano” for landing first in a nationwide competition. As I grew older I was greatly moved by painters Peter Paul Rubens and Salvador Dali and was also finding great interest in stained glass effect techniques. This drove me to recreate the works “The lion hunt” and “The Three Graces” by  Rubens using stained glass effect techniques for the first time in 1985  Their success solidified by passion for the technique itself which became my base for my evolving career in art and design. As I grew, acquired new skills, and got acquainted with digital mediums and fabrication methods, I became a multidisciplinary artist who combines materials and techniques to create one of a kind pieces.” 

The lion hunt
The three graces


After a long history in experimenting with craftsmanship, art and design, Paula has combined many years of experience and technique to bring forth exciting elements to interior and home decor alongside her continual work in painting, stained glass and visual arts. The artist found a new method in which she combined from her imagination, traditional art and interior design, to place her artwork under a new light. Using different materials, unorthodox outlines, vitrail paints and even hanging differently than their predecessors, her painted pieces dangle in front of curtains settling into a new environment. After handcrafting her six piece creation titled “Midnight”, she received a patent certificate issued by the lebanese ministry of economy and trade. #10816/2015

Midnight masterpiece
Paula Abou Jaoude


Paula specializes in using mixed media techniques including painting, airbrush, sculpture, carving, engraving, lighting, digital fabrication, and collage along with mixing materials such as wood, glass, semiprecious stones, metals, pearl, crystals, plexi, etc


Mermaid Wedding

 Original Created:2019-2022

 Materials: mixed media

 Styles: Surrealism- design- installation

 Mediums: – stained glass painting – Led lighting – engraved wood – plexiglass – crystal stone – airbrush.

Display: Indoors

Size: – The bride 174×303 cm. – The bridesmaid 240x144cm. – The maestro 204x251cm. -The gipsy dancer 187×99 cm.

A combination of engraved wood and vitrail painting

Mixed Media


Design & Art


Patent certificate in curtain’s design issued by the lebanese ministry of economy and trade #10816/2015


Prints available sizes upon request

” Creativity is the soul’s activity”

The artist at studio

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